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I'm Ann Yaconis  and I absolutely LOVE my job because it gives me the opportunity to create beautiful things for lovely clients like you. I am the ultimate painting lover so a great day for me is either painting beautiful products for a special client or creating a beautiful keepsake for a family or friend to celebrate special moments in our lives.


Hand Painting to is the best thing since sliced bread and probably the most fun thing I've done! I spent much of my time there perfecting my skills in painting hand painting wine glasses and special gifts for weddings, birthday and welcoming new pets and babies, 


The lovely thing about hand painting  is that it's not just putting paint on a brush its about colors and the feeling these colors portray. I LOVE elegant and classy designs, florals are my favorite thing to paint. Painting soothes the soul. Mixing colors and adding detailed elements to a product  and seeing how it looks when completed is so satisfying  to me and of all things to create stand-out high quality class design for my clients. 

My style is feminine and professional, soft but confident, and sassy but humble. That is how I design and the types of clients that I absolutely love working for.


I love creating unique experiences through lovely painting designs. I designed my first wine glass around 2012 and did it as a personal hobby for years and a special gift for my mom. When I started designing for others professionally is when I really perfected my painting skills.Taking the time to learn these important skills has given me the ability to give each one of my clients exactly what they want/need for their special gift. 

 Combining the skills of painting and color combinations and my skills has put Brushes with a View a step ahead. You will not be disappointed in ordering from me, I have thousand of happy clients that I have worked for over the years, You will get a genuine, lovely experience and I will work with you from beginning to end. I actually end up friends with many of the clients. 

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